the Single EXperiment

Created in 2011, Single EXperiment is an uncertain project about relationships, single life, love, sex, adventures and their absence.

This unique experience, that everyone has lived or will live in their life, may be experienced differently by everyone and everyone will draw their variable conclusions. Sometimes punctuated with “always”, “never”, stereotypes, wisdom, it may be bitter, thoughtful, realistic, but always changing. It is this experience that the scientist tries to unravel under their magnificent and modest writing which smells like the intoxicating sweet perfume of household cleaner.

Dear reader, perhaps you will find in this blog the truths you seek, the mirror of your state of mind, of your life, the perfect description of the small dramas that liven you up. Or maybe you won’t.

But here is what you can find out for sure:
– amazing and clever tutorials, that will finally teach you how to manage your life as an ace.
– tons of cliches, presented as paradigms.
– experiments in vivo on John and Cindy.
– sharp and comprehensive description of various personalities and the best way to deal with them.

Of course all this would be nothing without a serious and impressive methodology, and its explanations lot that will talk to the socially disabled autistic neophyte that you are.

Here’s what you will not find there:
– the biography of Tino Rossi
– links to lolcats videos
– a map of places of the Satanic churches close to your place
– the complex and delicious recipe of noodles with industrial concentrated meat extract (it’s a secret)

For any claim, please consult your therapist, your mom, or the bottom of your cup of chamomile-vervain tea, they might be more interested than I am.

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