the scientist

Are you really interested in this modern writer whose talent transcends this world and offers a bit of fleeting happiness that was precisely lacking from your dull life? As you clicked on purpose on this topic, it is obvious that yes (if your click was not intentional, please remove your cat from your keyboard and go back to your lame activities). This page of revelations will tell you everything you need to know about the scientist.

In a world ruled by countless social codes, prone to the most absurd interpretations, and the most convincing fake truths; In a world where seduction is a weapon; beauty, a dictatorship; performance, an obligation; perfection, a standard; where failure is not allowed and where kindness is a weakness; the scientist observes this closed world, feeds on these dictates, farts loudly and opens a window.

The scientist is modestly what was missing from the internet, throwing here and there platitudes and commonplaces with the violence of a bad journalist on xanax. As an act of generosity , the scientist offers you this virtual book entitled the Single EXperiment and hopes to soften your heartburn, deceive your boredom, alleviate your frustrations, kill your fears , in short , make your life better, even just for a short moment.

The scientist likes:
– waving their gnarled fingers on the keyboard to give you pleasure
– doing lists
– talking about the scientist with the third person singular (we love as we speak in the first person plural , but we think it might be a bit weird )
– talking about the scientist
– the scientist

The scientist does not like :
– the neologism ” blogosphere ”
– your mom

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